Design in the Air

Wake up every day to the hint of fresh evergreens in the atmosphere. Enjoy the crisp scent and smooth, soft touch of wood.
Made entirely from the treasured Japanese Cypress, our environmentally friendly products provide more than just the gift of design.
For over 60 years our company has been the leading manufacturer of traditional hand-crafted Masu boxes in Ogaki, Japan.

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Our Products

Traditional Masu

The traditional “Masu” box. Simple yet elegant, your imagination is the limit when it comes to using this versatile product.

Drinking Set Series

In Japan, it is customary to use a Masu box to drink and serve Sake. This series brings Ohashi design to your dining table.

MASS Series

The name of this series speaks to our wish for the Masu to become a widely known product. This line of interior décor items is both unique and practical.


You are only a few clicks away from making your very own, uniquely designed Masu box. Send us your design data and we can brand, burn, or print to your preference.

Featured Items

MAST : eco-humidifier

This wooden humidifier spreads a crisp aroma of cypress while adding moisture to the air

Math Salt

Bath salt meets Masu box for a luxurious bath time


Simple yet stunning, an award winning masterpiece


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